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How to Win

Submit your Top picks

Starting with IM New Zealand 2014, we are simplifying the predictions for the regular Ironman and Challenge events: We simply ask you to predict the men's and women's podiums. We will offer Top 5 predictions for Challenge Roth and the bigger Regional Championships (Melbourne, Frankfurt and Mont Tremblant), and Top 10 predictions for Kona.

Prizes for the best predictions

You score points based on the odds for each of your correct predictions. We won't be giving out prizes at each individual event, but instead send out prizes at the end of the season. For that, we will take the 12 to 15 predictions with most points for each player. The more races you submit your picks, the better chances your chances will be! We have a preliminary list of prizes, but we're still working with our partners to finalize the list of cool prizes that will be awarded to the best predictions.

Odds supplied by

For each race, the leading Ironman-distance statistics site calculates the odds for winning and for placing in the TOP 3. Our scoring system for the "Ironman Predictions Game" is based on these odds.

You'll earn points in different categories:

Who is going to win?
Who will be on the podium (Top 3)?

For these two categories, the points are based on how likely the result is (as calculated by ) — from just a few points for a clear favorite to 25 points for the total outsider.

Who finishes in the Top 5 or Top 10?

For the Regional Championships and Kona, you'll get an additional point for each of your picks who make the Top 5 or Top 10 and an additional point if you've picked the correct place.
For example, if you pick Cam Brown to be 4th and he does finish 4th, you get one point for him making the Top 10 and an additional point for him finishing 4th.

There's more to come!

We plan to add some other fun games for triathlon junkies who aren't savvy to the pro racing scene. For a 2014 race we are working on "Predict-a-Finish-Time" (thanks to Hannes Hawaii Tours). Players can predict their own time, times of friends or family, their favourite pro - any elite and amateur competitor you want. Prizes will be awarded to the closest predictions at the end of the season.